The Power of Community

Posted on by nmccutcheon

It all started with the idea of selling some burgers to make some money.  A simple plan with the end goal of raising some funds for a playground.  What blossomed on Friday night was far from simple…and in the end, the goal of raising money proved incidental.  Friday night the Cannon River STEM School Burger Fry was all about community, and what a tremendous success it was!

To be sure, we raised money…about $700 which for a 2.5 hour event is a pretty good return.  However, the true value, and the one I continue to be amazed at, is the reward of bringing our school community together.  Beyond the countless wonderful hugs I received from our students whom I have missed so, I watched parents reconnect with each other.  Students played with classmates, shared summer stories, and had a family evening out celebrating SCHOOL!

Those of us working the event were amazed that the line just kept going and going.  Even when we ran out of food and had to make runs to the Legion and to Nelson’s County Market for more supplies, people patiently waited in line, chatting with old friends.  The grin on my face that night, and the memory I hold in my heart today is a greater understanding of the power of community, and an appreciation of what an amazing place Cannon River STEM School has become.  Thank you all for that gift!

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