What Starts the Day?

Posted on by nmccutcheon

I have the joy of welcoming our Kinders into school every morning.  While the morning starts far earlier for work (on the computer by 5:30 a.m. most mornings,) it seems my day doesn’t really begin until I see the shy smiles of our youngest charges as I open the car door and welcome them to school.  To be sure, the hours preceding that first car door opening were filled with the logistics of my job…scheduling meetings, arranging for substitute teachers, thinking through what reports or deadlines are pressing…but at 8 a.m. when I see those youngsters in their new school clothes, trying to get those really-cool-but-about-as-big-as-they-are backpacks on, alternating between wanting to run down the ramp into the classroom or cling onto mom’s arm, that moment is when the day begins.  It is the moment when I am struck by why my work matters, I’m reminded how much I LOVE welcoming students and their family members into our school community, and am amazed at the energy that mysteriously appears in my old, tired body.  Schools are crazy, chaotic, sometimes frenetic places…but what makes it all worthwhile is that first student, excited to get to school.

Thank you for trusting us with your children.  Whether they come flying off the bus, or exiting from a car, or walking up the driveway…know that their faces, and the energy they bring to our school is what fuels our work and our emotions.  We love working with your children (yes, even the most challenging and/or infuriating ones) and we are thrilled to welcome them back each new day.  In fact, they are what starts our day!

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