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General Information
-COVID-19 CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Site – Click Here for More Information
– Talking with Children about COVID-19 – Click Here for More Information
– If you have additional questions about COVID-19, you can call the health department’s coronavirus hotline @651-201-3920.

– 03/13/2020 – Literacy Night event planned for Tuesday, March 24, 2020 has been postponed.  Parent meeting for 8th grade families is also being postponed.

– 03/15/2020 – Dear CRSS Community, in addition to the executive order from Governor Walz, Cannon River STEM School will be closed for the next two weeks – Monday, March 16-Friday, March 27.  We will be communicating further information in the days ahead.  Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding.  Cheryl Wendt, Executive Director

– 03/16/2020 – While we continue to plan, things are changing for our country as we are learning more and more about the impact of COVID-19.  Therefore, we have set up many things, but please know all plans have to be fluid as well.
While the expectation from the Governor is that we do not have to do any distant learning until March 30th (potentially), we as a school have decided that we can go ahead and implement our distant learning plan over the course of the next two weeks.  You should have received a green folder from your child(ren)’s teacher earlier this year that has a “choice board” and supporting paperwork with options of things to do for distant learning.  We would like for you to complete these activities with your child over the next several days, so we look at it as 5 days of activities to complete over 8 days of school missed.  We do have a handful of students that didn’t get their folders yet, and we will be mailing those out to you.
We also wanted to implement our distant learning plan so that we can work out all the kinks, so that IF school is canceled beyond the 27th, we can fully implement the plans we are currently working on and will hopefully have the “bugs” worked out.
Our staff are continuing to work in various capacities while school is closed, so please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, etc. as they come up.  Teachers have been asked to attempt to communicate with you at least 4 times in the 8 days that the governor closed schools, but please note that some teachers may choose to communicate more often, but the expectation is 4.  This communication will also help us in learning what nees to be in place, should we end up closed beyond the 27th.
Child care has been offered to those families that parents/guardians work in the classified areas as defined by the MN Department of Education, mainly health care workers and first responders.  We have communicated plans to those families that we are aware of, but if you think you should have been included and were not, please contact our office at 507-331-7836.
We are working as on community to make sure all of the students under the age of 18 are still provided breakfast and lunch.  Faribault Public Schools uses Sodexo to provide their daily meals, and they will be providing the meals during the school closings for all of the schools/kids in Faribault.
Therefore, Sack Suppers are available for all students age 18 and under from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM today (Tuesday, March 17) at Faribault High School, Faribault Middle School and Jefferson Elementary.  Starting Wednesday, March 18th, both breakfast and lunch will be available in one pack for student pick-up from 7:00 AM-9:00 AM weekdays at 4 different locations: 1. Buckham Library, 2. Evergreen Estates, 3. Cannon River Mobile Park and 4. Four Seasons Apartments.  The meals will be delivered to these 4 locations by school bus, and you will just need to put down your name and how many meals you will be taking at the site.  The sign out is simply to help the food service staff know approximately how many meals they should be making each day.
Kasey David, our Meals Coordinator, has been working on canceling all of the meals ordered through March 27th.  This will then create a credit on your My School Account, but please note, it will take 24 hours for all the credits to show up.  We do ask that you still go ahead and order your April means at this time, and those need to be ordered by the end of business on Wednesday, March 18th.  IF school gets canceled beyond the 27th, you will get reimbursed for the meals you ordered, but we have to go ahead and order for our caterer.
Our 2nd trimester ended right before spring break, so our teachers are still getting report cards finished up and you will receive notification when they are ready to view.
Many of you have asked about yearbook orders, and we are working with the company to extend the ordering window.  We will be communicating the next steps for that when we have all of the information available – stay tuned!  SEE 03/18/2020 UPDATE BELOW
We know there is a lot of anxiety and unknown with what is goin on, and we want to equip you with as many resources as we can.  We are working on putting resources on a seperate tab on our website, so please look for that in the next day or two as we continue to find great things to share with you.
I know this continues to be a work-in-progress, so we appreciate your continued support, patience, and understanding.
As always, please reach out with questions/concerns/comments.
Thank you!
Cheryl Wendt
Executive Director

– 03/18/2020 -YEARBOOK UPDATE – The online ordering date has been extended to 04/25/2020.  It will still cost the same amount ($15.16) but will be delivered to CRSS on 05/23/2020.  You will also have the option when ordering online to pay an extra shipping fee and have it delivered to their home address.  Click Here for Website

– 03/20/2020
March 23 – March 27, 2020
ALL Kids Eat Free
ALL individuals 18 years of age and under may visit these locations and receive nutritious meals at no cost!
Locations Serving 10:00 am to 12:00 pm:
Buckham Memorial Library (Front Parking lot)
Evergreen Estates (Park Entrance)
Cannon River Mobile Park (Mailbox Area)
Four Seasons Apartments Complex (South Parking lot)
McKinley Early Childhood Center (Front Parking lot)
Discovery School – 924 First St. NE
At these locations, LOOK FOR THE BIG YELLOW BUS!
Location Serving 7:00 am to 12:00 pm:
Faribault Education Center – Front Doors – 340 9th Ave SW
(Come to front doors – no bus present at this location)

– 03/26/2020
Hello Parents/Guardians,

Thank you everyone for your patience, understanding and flexibility as we work to begin our distance learning on Monday, March 30th. You should have heard from your child’s teacher and are hopefully now aware of some of the plans moving forward. We know that this is potentially a stressful time for everyone, since we are all dealing with the pandemic in our homes, community, state and world.

As you may have heard, Governor Walz talked today about “staying at home” from this Friday evening, the 27th, for two weeks until Friday, April 10th. We will still begin our distance learning on Monday. The distance learning plan is to be in place until May 4th, and we will be excited to welcome students back at Cannon River STEM School on May 5th.

We are committed to work through this new territory together, and please know that we will answer any questions we can, help each other through this, and come out wiser and stronger as we learn together. We also know that some of your schedules are different, and you may have to work during the day, so we are prepared to make adjustments to our schedules to help you with that.

We will continue to provide free breakfast and free lunch for students 18 years and younger through the community pick-up sites, and we will continue to offer free childcare (students in grades K-6) for Tier 1 and Tier 2 workers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding food or childcare at 507-331-7836.

We know there is a huge learning curve for schools and families as we start distance learning. The CRSS staff have been working hard to make sure this will be a smooth transition for our students and families. We will be taking attendance every day, engaging students, and working with parents/guardians to make this a positive experience for all.

**We do have materials for you to pick-up to assist with distance learning. Your child’s teacher will provide more specific information about what you can pick-up, but the pick-up times are this Friday, March 27th, between the hours of 8:00 AM-3:00 PM or 5:00 PM-8:00 PM. Pick-up will be located by the middle school building, so please enter the campus at the second entrance (where daily drop-off and pick-up usually is), and stay to the right so you can drive down by the middle school. Staff will help you retrieve what you need.

Thank you again for your partnership. We are looking forward to connecting with our students next week!

Cheryl and the CRSS Staff

See Information about NEW HOT LUNCH OPTION
**Click Images or Use PDF Links Below to See Larger View**
Meal Information
Microsoft Word - 4.3.2020 Kids Eat Free
Location of Meals
Microsoft Word - 4.3.2020 Kids Eat Free
May 2020
Links to PDF Files with Information
Information and Location of Meals (Map)
May Meal Service Menu

-04/09/2020 – Hello CRSS parents/guardians,
On our original school calendar for the year, we had Monday, April 13th as a workshop day. We are still going to use that as a workshop day for the staff, so there will be no planned activities for students on Monday, and teachers will have limited availability due to their planned activities during our staff workshop.
Our child care will still be running it’s normal hours for those families that are signed up and using it.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Cheryl Wendt
Executive Director
Cannon River STEM School

04/23/2020 – Dear Cannon River STEM School Community,
As you may have heard, we are now expected to continue distance learning for the rest of the school year. While this is not what we wanted or hoped for, we appreciate the thoughtful planning of Governor Walz and Commissioner Ricker during these challenging times.
Please know, that as a staff, we are sad. We really miss being on campus and working with our students each day. This is not what any of us signed up for, but we continue to be appreciative of all of the hard work that everyone (staff, students, parents, etc.) is doing-teaching, planning, and surviving.
So what’s next? We are committed to end our year strong, and forge ahead with adjusting plans to be able to finish well. The last 6 weeks always presents their own challenges and rewards, and we will make sure that we navigate through them, partnering with you to make sure we maintain, honor and celebrate another year at CRSS.
We know there are many questions you may have about what the next few weeks will look like, and we will be rolling out plans just as soon as we are able.
One date that we know of coming up will be Monday, May 11th. We will have an opportunity for families to pick up all of their child(ren)’s belongings that may still be here at school. We will provide more details on what that will look like as we get closer to the date.
We will be in touch with what the end of the year will entail, but in the meantime, please remember that we care, we are here for you, and we are going to get through this, together.
With gratitude,
Cheryl Wendt
Executive Director
Cannon River STEM School

04/28/2020 – May 1st and 4th
Good afternoon CRSS families,
This Friday, May 1st and Monday, May 4th, will be set aside for teachers to continue planning for our distance learning. Teachers had actually planned on teaching those days, but it was decided to take the time off to make sure we are ready for the remainder of the year.
We are suggesting you can use those 2 days for catching up if you need to, and complete any lessons that are not finished. Or maybe you haven’t had a chance to do some of the specialists’ activities yet (Art, Music, Coding and Phy Ed). If you are all caught up, then relax and enjoy!
Mrs. Teigen will still be hosting Zoom Dance parties on Friday, so look for those links and hopefully your child(ren) can join us!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Cheryl Wendt
Executive Director
Cannon River STEM School

-05/06/2020 – Dear Parents/Guardians,
As we have mentioned, this coming Monday, May 11th, will be a pick-up day at the school. This will be a big pick up, with not only learning materials for those who need it, but it will also include all winter gear, locker items, gym shoes, art projects, etc. We will also have our lost and found collection on display in the back parking lot for you to find that long lost item you have been missing. This is also a time that you can drop off any work or library books your child(ren) needs to turn in. Our last day of school is still Thursday, June 4th, so we will do a final drop off of work and collection of Chromebooks after that day (more details on that later).
Pick up hours on Monday will be from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM, and again from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. The pick-up will be at our middle school building, so please make your way to the 2nd entrance and use the bus lane to drive up to the middle school where staff will be there to get your students’ things.
FUN EVENT planned for that day too…
It’s a reverse STAFF PARADE! Instead of you standing and staff parading by you, we are welcoming families to drive on our campus and see the staff! The parade begins at 4:00 PM on Monday, May 11th. Please plan to enter at the second entrance, drive through (you will notice the way to go!), see everyone and head out the main entrance. Feel free to do something fun like decorate your car or make signs!
**A few things to remember to keep everyone safe**
•       Please remain in your vehicle the entire time
•       Please keep the flow going, we know a lot of us will want to stop and talk, but it’s a parade!
•       Please remember guidelines of social distancing and keeping hands to ourselves (it is hard for many of us, because we’d love to hug or high 5!)
Please know we are really excited to see everyone, so we hope you can make it.
We realize that this means you may need to come on campus 2 times on Monday, and we sincerely appreciate those who are able to do that so we don’t have a huge crowd for pick-up after the parade. If you cannot pick-up your child(ren)’s things until after the parade, then we simply ask for your patience as it will take a few extra minutes if there are a lot of families.
Either way, we look forward to Monday!!
Thank you!
Cheryl Wendt
Executive Director
Cannon River STEM School

Community Food Distribution
Weekly Faribault Food Distribution, Thursdays and Fridays – See Photos/Links for More Information
Flyer 1
PDF Link to Information
Flyer 2
PDF Link to Information
Flyer 3
PDF Link to Information
For More General Information, Click Here

Social Work/Services
Melissa Dobbs, School Social Worker
(507) 291-3727

Faribault Area Food Shelf
200 Western Avenue
Faribault, MN  55021
(507) 334-2137
Services: Food Pantry

Northfield Food Shelf
1651 Jefferson Parkway HS-200
Northfield, MN  55057
(507) 664-3550
Click Here for Website
Services: Provide quality and healthy food to those in need , such as canned fruits and vegetables, soup, pasta, rice, milk.

Northfield Clothes Closet
600 Water Street South
Northfield, MN  55057
(507) 664-3580
Click Here for Website
Services: Discounted Clothing, Free clothing and Household goods to people in the area.

Rice County Social Services
Government Services Building
320 Third Street Northwest
Faribault, MN  55021
(507) 332-6115
Click Here for Website
Services: Assessments, Childcare Assistance, Foster Care, Mental Health, Public Assistance Programs.
Alternate Address by Appointment Only:
801 Washington Street
Northfield, MN  55057
Northfield Phone: (507) 645-9576
Lonsdale Phone: (507) 744-5185

Educational Resources
– Faribault Public Library eBook Checkout – Overdrive/Libby App
– BrainPOP’s Animated Movies, Assessment Profiles, and Creative Tools – BrainPOP
– Scholastic Learn at Home – Click on the “For Families” Link to Read the Letter, and then choose a grade level to begin – Scholastic
– Abdo Digital Bookshelf has currently made their eBook collection free to read online – Abdo Digital


Updates will continue with additional resources – please check back frequently!