CRSS Nature Notes

Tuesday, March 15th : The snow is melting/getting slushy. We saw a red tailed hawk. We saw dead and old flowers. The Sun is melting the snow at an angle. There are more animals running around, like the deer. Starting to see old plants. The grass is showing. A rock pigeon family is moving around more. There are old leaves on trees.

Wednesday, March 16th : The grass is dry, so it is grass from last year. Dead tree branches are showing up from under the snow. This is how floods start: the snow melts fast, it starts a puddle, then a big puddle comes, and then it begins to flood. There were 3, 2 male and 1 female, red tailed hawks are flying around trying to find a mate. Two hawks were flying very close to each other. The deer are wandering around more, because we saw a lot of deer tracks and scat. We also saw trees that had been eaten off of. There were many holes in a fallen tree from insects. We also saw an insect come out of a hole. There are signs of squirrels, because there are many broken nuts around. There is a lot of mud! We are starting to see more green grass and plants, because the snow is melting. There are many signs of new animals coming out, because we saw acorns and tracks.

Thursday, March 17th: We saw three baby moths and a bigger one. There was a little stream, because of all of the melting snow. We think the heavy snow caused the river to form. Another little flood might happen. More animals are coming out of hibernation and there are a lot of birds migrating. There is water running under some of the snow and it is making tunnels. We found a tree trunk that was full of water. We saw 8 cedar waxwings in the berry trees. Shrubs are growing buds and thistle on them. Insects are flying around. We saw a woodpecker who was more active, because it was gathering food. There are a lot of leaves on the ground and some trees are growing new leaves.

Friday, March 18th: The grass is starting to appear. There were clovers starting to grow. We are able to see more deer scat. We saw and heard crows in the eastern part of our campus. We saw a robin looking for food. We saw berries starting to grow. We saw some creeping Charlie. We saw the trees growing new vines. There were new leaves on a tree starting to grow. We found a Black Capped Chickadee. The snow is half way melted. We saw two red winged black birds.

Tuesday, March 29th: There is not much snow on the ground. Ms. Lee found a baby grasshopper. Insects are coming out and that is a sign of spring. Trees are growing stronger, because the ground is absorbing more water. There are buds growing on the trees. Birds that stay here during the winter are turning back into their summer form from their winter form. They are getting their summer plumage  now, like the goldfinch and cardinals. A log looked like termites were eating it and it looked like an ocean where it was eaten. The part where the grass is down it is still wet, but the parts where the grass is up it is not wet. We found a bee. There are many tiny plants, like weeds, growing, because the sunlight is back.

Wednesday, March 30th: We found many caterpillars, like the wooly bear caterpillar. We found lamb’s ear. It is a plant and it is very fuzzy. There are many spiders, big and small. New birds are coming back to Faribault, like the robin and the ring-billed gull. There are nests in the trees. Some of the chickadees are trying to mate, because they are singing a lot. We saw a downy woodpecker. Coniferous cones are becoming stronger, because spring is almost here. Sprouts are beginning to grow and one was really big.

Thursday, March 31st: There are green clovers that are full size on the ground. A tree fell down and was over the creek. The bark was falling off and it was very old. We found a squirrel nest, because it had acorns and walnuts inside of it. The wood was very soft and it looked like it was nibbling on it. The mud by the creek was about 2 feet deep. There was just a little snow in the well, but a lot of leaves and mud. Worms are starting to come out. We found 2 leaf bugs. One was almost alive and one was dead. There were many leaves on the ground, because the snow is gone and we can now see them. We have seen 7 different types of insects so far. Under the rocks we found beetles. The mud is very slippery like ice. We saw a robin flying like a red-tailed hawk.

Friday, April 1st: Flowers are starting to sprout and some are close to blooming. Mushrooms are growing now, like the shelf mushroom. There was a woodpecker that made a hole in a tree and you could see the woodchips below the tree. We found a dead leaf bug. We examined a dead male cardinal. From it we observed: it’s stomach was bright red, it’s back and wings were reddish/grayish, it’s head was sideways because it broke its neck when it hit the window, it still had its winter plumage, and its talons were still there. If you focus on the grass, you will see green strips on the top and brown/tan on the bottom.

Tuesday, April 5th: We saw creeping Charlie. We also saw a white snail track. We found a baby spider egg and three centipedes. We saw white and green grass. We saw some rollie pollies. We saw leaf bugs. Mr. Johnson found some hasta plants. The squirrels are more active because there are more nuts broken in half. We saw plants starting to sprout. Woodpeckers are starting to make more holes in the trees. We also saw and heard a woodpecker this morning. We saw baby worms. We saw a robin with a worm in its beak. There are signs of bird nests.

Wednesday, April 6th: Tornado sirens went off and that is a sign of spring, because tornadoes start in the spring. Most of the class saw a robin. The robin dug a worm out of the ground and ate it. The chickadee now has 2 calls. One sounds like its name and the other one sounds like “daylight.” Flies and gnats are beginning to come out. There was a plant that we observed about a week ago and now it has grown bigger and now it has more leaves. Birds are coming out more, because they are trying to get worms. There are many signs of habitats on the trees. The bees are coming out and more people are coming out for the fresh air. There were a male and female cedar waxwing pair sitting on a tree eating berries by a nest.

Thursday, April 7th: Insects are coming out much more, like the leaf bug, flies, spiders, worms, and grasshoppers. There are more animals out, like many different birds. Some of the mud is drying up and some isn’t. The mud is more sticky now. We found a snake skeleton today. There are many purple flowers in the sunken garden that are not open yet. A woodpecker made a big hole, probably looking for insects. Inside a hollow tree there is a squirrel nest. Insects are eating the top part of some bark and it looked like the United States. The plants are 1-4 inches tall. We are seeing more squirrel and bird nests. Quinn saw two Robins at home.

Friday, April 8th: We saw two snakes. We found a Gold Finch. We found a tick on Brianna. The grass is growing and getting stronger. Fewer clouds are in the sky and we can see the sun longer. We heard a Wood Pecker and there are vines growing on Old Main. Taller plants have buds that are about to open. There are also buds on small plants beginning to grow and open. There used to be plants with thorns on them and now there are fewer. Today it was kind of windy outside. There are butterflies in the field. They are purple, and yellow.