4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade at CRSS!

We are excited to have you navigate our pages to learn more about our class, teachers, and community.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out!  Look back often for more fun updates.

Summer Learning

I hope that you are able to go on many adventures this summer, whether they be outside in nature, in a book… or even better, BOTH! 🙂 It is important to continue to stretch your mind this summer and continue to learn! Here are some ways that you can prepare yourself for next year and have some summer fun as well!  Try to do 1-2 a week! Service Learning: Challenge yourself to do a service project for a good cause this summer. Maybe it is collecting change for Feed My Starving Children (remember $0.22 = one meal) or it’s planning a carnival and donating the money to an organization that helps others. Maybe you could organize some friends to help pick up some trash every week. You can make a huge difference in our world! Language Arts (Reading, Writing, and Word Study): It is very important to keep reading all summer long! Find books that you enjoy reading, whether they be the Percy Jackson series or a great book on the solar system… find what interests you and keep reading! The 2012-2013 fourth grade class is enrolled in Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge. The students log their summer reading minutes and earn digital prizes, as well as the chance to be featured in the Scholastic Book of World Records, if our school has the most reading minutes logged! Scholastic also has great book lists, full of fun book suggestions if you are not sure what read next! The website to log your minutes is: If you are interested in learning more about joining the challenge, go to Also, Buckham Memorial Library in Faribault came to our school to promote their summer reading program. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please click here: Remember our simple 5 finger rule when choosing a book. If you are unsure if the book is at your level, read one page of it and if you do not know 5 or more of the words, the book is probably too challenging. If you know all of the words, the book may be too simple. If you only miss 2-3 of the words, the book is probably just right. Remember read books that interest you, but also try a few different ones that may be about a topic you have never explored… you may just open up a new world of learning! In fourth grade, we work on book projects throughout the year. If you are interested in trying out one or two of the book projects this summer, you may! Click 4th Grade Book Projects to find out more! Here are some ways that you can continue to practice your writing skills and connect it to the books that you are reading.

  • Write a 6-sentence paragraph describing what was best (or worst) about the book.
  • Write 8 interesting words from the book along with their definitions and a complete and original sentence for each word that relates specifically to the book.
  • Write an alternate ending for the book that is at least 150 words.
  • Write a 6-sentence character sketch paragraph of one of the main characters in the book in which you name and explain three traits that the character exemplifies such as honesty, loyalty, or diligence, to name just a few.
  • Pretend that you are the teacher of a class studying the book and create five critical-thinking questions that you would give to your class, along with the answers to those questions. Critical-thinking questions aren’t “yes or no” or basic facts (names, dates, places, etc). Instead, these type of questions cause you to infer answers and read between the lines. They are of the type that ask, “Why do you think she did this?” or “How did he feel about this?’

STEM: Our STEM studies are important to continue during the summer months! Some ideas to foster this learning are:

  • Explore outside as much as you can! See if you can recognize the water cycle in action! Find examples of condensation, evaporation, and precipitation.
  • Keep a journal of your summer! Write down any special events that have happened to you this summer and any nature or other observations that you have made.
  • Design a new product to help someone. Brainstorm ideas of something you could engineer this summer. Maybe you have a treehouse and you want to figure out a good and fun way to get items up into the treehouse. What sort of mechanism could you design? Remember that engineers always go back and improve their designs and often they don’t always work on the first try. Keep trying!
  • Notice math around you! Notice angles and shapes in nature. See if you can figure out the angles and area of odd shapes.
  • With the help of an adult, use fractions in cooking. Try “doubling” or “halving” a recipe.
  • Practice your math facts! All multiplication and division math facts should be practiced everyday!
  • is a fun website to practice multiplication facts
  • is a great website to practice lots of different math skills. Alien Angles is one of my favorite games!
  • helps you to create practice worksheets for your multiplication and division facts.
  • An EXCELLENT site is Mrs. Renz’s fourth grade website. She’s loaded her site with wonderful resources, math games, practice problems, challenges, etc… I would highly recommend this site for you to explore this summer. It is a wealth of math resources:
  • Notice the birds, trees, flowers, animals, rocks, and minerals around you! Use a field guide to identify them, record how many you see and then graph your data.
  • Notice the engineering at the zoo!!

Social Studies: Continue to notice the people, landscapes, and world around you!

  • Stay updated on current events by going to This website is a great way to do the same fun activities online that we did with the Time for Kids magazines this year.
  • Practice your USA geography with this fun game:
  • See if you can go to the Rice County Historical Museum this summer or any of the historical sites in Minnesota or the USA. Remember that state parks are historical sites too! There is much to be learned about history from the soil, trees, and land.

Physical Education: Keep active this summer! Don’t just sit in front of the TV! Go outside and play! See if you can practice some fun jump roping routines or new dance moves! Try inventing the newest sport! Cool Websites: Mr. Johnson has posted some cool websites to check out. Instead of listing them all out again here, go to this webpage to get these cool websites: As always, we LOVE to see your learning! Feel free to send us an e-mail this summer with any of the work that you have done, new book suggestions, or just to say, “Hello!” Have a great summer!

~Ms. Cooper and Ms. Mueller

Happy Summer!