7/8 STEM


Please use this page to check STEM homework assignments, important announcements, upcoming projects, and copies of documents handed out in class.

Classroom Information:

Safety Contract



Keep in mind, the classroom day is dynamic and changes may occur on a daily basis.

Parent Information Night


Your student has recieved information to use the e-book of their math book. Please keep in mind, the e-book requires a browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome or Safari. You will have problems using the e-book with Intermet Explorer!

Science/Engineer Fair Project Information:

Science & Engineer Information Packet: CRSS Fair Packet

Presentation Information: Presentation Elements

                                                        Scientific Method

Mankato Science & Engineering Fair:

Technology used in the 2013-2014 S.T.E.M. classroom

  1. SMARTBoard (hardware)
  2. SMART Response (clickers)
  3. SMARTBoard Notebook (software)
  4. Microscopes & Telescopes, Science House
  5. Exploring Protists Slide Set, Science House
  6. Bacteria Structure Slide Set, Science House
  7. ProScope High Resolution Handheld Microscope
  8. WS Fast-Growing Plants
  9. Zebrafish
  10. LEGO Mindstorm Robotics

Helpful Links: (Google Classroom)  (Khan Academy)

Vocabulary Template

Math Notes (math concepts review)


Pre-algebra (7th grade homework parent support)

Algebra (8th grade homework parent support)

7th Grade Math Practice

8th Grade Math Practice

Math Games (basic skill practice)

FOSS Website (science curriculum and other resources) (Khan Academy)