7/8 Humanities

Important Information

Grade reports that detail missing work and weekly grades on reading, daily journals, and typing will be sent home every few weeks on paper. You can also check SchoolView to view this info digitally.

Order reasonably priced books for your student from Scholastic and help us earn money to purchase books for our classroom library. New books become available every month.
Scholastic ordering deadlines: Last school day of each month 
How to order: Scholastic Information

Helpful Links

Reading Resources:
Scholastic Book Wizard (look up the reading level of your book)
GoodReads (book recommendations and reviews)
Faribault Public Library
Northfield Public Library
MN Zoo Animals

8th Grade Class Resources:
Geography Alive! Student Login
Geography Landforms Practice
Geography Games – Sheppard Software Online Games
Lonely Planet Travel Guide 
Wikitravel Guide 
World Travel Guide
Oceania Physical Features Practice
Antarctica Physical Features Practice
Monsoon Asia Physical Features Practice
Other Geography Games
Africa Physical Features Practice
SW & Central Asia Physical Features Practice
South America Physical Features Practice (you need to know Rio Grande, Gulf of Mexico, Mexican Plateau, Yucatan Peninsula, Caribbean Sea, Sierra Madre Occidental, Isthmus of Panama, Amazon River, Amazon Basin, Brazilian Highlands, Lake Titicaca, Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, Pampas, Cape Horn.
US & Canada Physical Features Practice

Types of Poetry
Young Adult Poetry

Capstone Project
Weebly Beginner’s Guide

7th Grade Class Resources:
US History
US History Textbook Login
Oregon Trail
Scholastic Slavery Slideshow
History Channel Civil War Videos
Civil War 150
WWII History Interactive

US History Timelines
Animated Atlas
Digital History
American History Timeline
Louisiana Purchase Video

Morning Meeting
Game Ideas & Instructions

Typing Resources


Word Study Strategies to Use at Home:

Speed Sort: time how quickly you can sort the words into their correct piles (be sure to check your answers)
Blind Sort: have someone read the words and write the words with correct spelling and in the correct column
Partner Sort: one partner calls out a word without showing it. The other partner points to where the word should go and the partner lays down the word card to check its spelling against the key word.
Word Hunt: find words from the sort in a book or other written work and write them down in the correct columns. You can also try to find words that follow the same rules as those presented in the sort and add them to your list.
Writing Sort: write the sort out, placing words into the correct columns. Writing the sort helps secure the spelling of the words in your memory.

Word Up Study Resources

Blue – 8th Grade
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6
Unit 7
Unit 8
Unit 9
Unit 10
Unit 11
Unit 12
Unit 13
Unit 14
Final Cumulative Test

Yellow – 7th Grade
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6
Unit 7
Unit 8
Unit 9
Unit 10
Unit 11
Unit 12
Unit 13
Unit 14
Final Cumulative Test

Word Roots Study Resources

Unit 1 (Pink)
Unit 2 (Green)
Unit 3 (Blue)

Current Event Article Resources

Tips for Finding a Strong Current Event Article

Some places to look:
BBC News

Star Tribune World News
ABC News
World News

Other Resources:
Voice Nation Live (Scroll down to find links to tips for a variety of reading strategies)


  1. Bring a soccer ball if you have one
  2. Bring signed River Bend Nature Center Permission Slip