Games Created by Students!

Bo and Wyatt’s Maze Game!

Nadia and Jacob took a different approach to the Jumpy Monkey game!

Isabelle and Abby’s Game!

Elise and Lilly worked on this game together

This is a game by Eddy and Corrin

This game was created by Asher and Kaysie. Try to gather as many stars as you can while avoiding the obstacles!

This game was created by Daijah and Drake in Ms. R’s class. Avoid the red and gather the green circles!

This game was created by Andrew F. and Thatcher S. from 5th Grade!  The game is called “Star Chaser CRSS” and it is from one of the books we’ve been working with to learn Scratch.  The object of the game is to gather as many stars with Scratch Cat as you can without hitting an octopus! (press the green flag in the upper right hand corner to begin, control Scratch Cat with your mouse!”

Here is another version of the came created by Owen, Ben and Charlie.  If you notice in the upper left hand corner of their game it shows x and y coordinates, which is how objects in the program are oriented around one another.


The following Star Chaser game was created and modified by Emily and Viggo.  Play this version of the game and see if you’re able to score as many points or more points as the others.

Dance Party! This shows Scratch Cat dancing, press spacebar to change the color.


Another submission by Viggo and Emily. Collect the green, avoid the red!

Another game by Thatcher S in 5th Grade. Avoid the Shark!

Two more games by Andrew, Get the Cheese and Avoid the Shark!